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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Anyone can have a Dinosaur Event, they just need to know who to contact!

Monday, December 13, 2004 11:08 AM CST
UNI Museum/CFU join forces to bring dinosaur exhibit to Cedar Falls
By TERRY HUDSON, Courier Staff Writer

CEDAR FALLS --- The University of Northern Iowa Museum nearly missed out on a giant opportunity.

Earlier this year, museum officials inquired about securing a replica of the largest, most complete and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex ever found --- for a temporary exhibit from The Field Museum in Chicago. All they had to do was find an appropriate place for the 42-foot long, 16-foot high, life-size replica.

"We knew there was no way it would fit in this building," said Melissa Kruth, special exhibition coordinator at the UNI Museum. "We just don't have the space."

The original exhibit, known as SUE, is permanently housed at the Chicago museum.

A search for a building large enough and available to place a life-size replica was proving frustrating.

"We really wanted to bring SUE to Cedar Falls, but we were running out of options for places to put her," said UNI Museum Director Kay Thuesen.

Then she heard a building owned by the Cedar Falls Utilities might be worth checking out. Turns out the Cedar Falls Utilities Business Development Center at 1326 Waterloo Road, fit the size regulations necessary to hold the replica.

"We couldn't secure the exhibit or sign the contract until the field museum approved the building that we found," Kruth said. "It was a long process. We had to send them photographs of where the exhibit would be set up, building maintenance papers and all sorts of things."

The Field Museum in Chicago approved the site, and now Cedar Falls will be a scheduled stop on the national tour exhibit titled "A T. rex Named SUE." The exhibit will be here from March 5 through May 27, in the building many area residents know as the place where CFU holds its annual energy fair.

CFU was happy to help out. The building has been used for storage and training sessions.

"We're always glad when we can get additional community benefit out of any of our facilities," said CFU spokeswoman Betty Zeman. "It's an opportunity to partner with the museum to allow them to bring something to the Cedar Valley that's pretty exciting. We're glad to be able to participate."

Some minor renovations will be done to the building before the arrival of the exhibit. UNI Museum staff and many volunteer committees are coordinating efforts to prepare the building, which will be needing some cleaning, painting, assembly of temporary walls and some other alterations before the March 5 opening day.

"We're very excited," Kruth said. "It's right off of Highway 58 and still in central Cedar Falls."

Zeman has seen the original exhibit at the Field Museum.

"I think a lot of people are going to come to this exhibit," she said. "It's going to be a real treat for the community."

More information on the exhibit can be found at

Terry Hudson can be contacted at (319) 291-1405 or

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is a unique gift that will be remembered forever! 
Fun, exciting, entertaining and educational, 
Dinosaur Themed Events are for kids of all ages.

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