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Friday, April 15, 2005

News from Darren the NZ Dinosaur Man!

Darren Says ... Hi There,

Sorry I haven't had a chance to get to Blogging sooner. I've just been real busy being the Dinosaur Man! As soon as I can get round to it we'll get a short video blog posted so the world can see how Dinosaurs Rock in New Zealand (DRNZ).

Here's a bit of up to the minute DRNZ Blogging for ya. We just did 3 Radio interviews with Classic Hits 90.1FM Wairarapa and we will be on the morning breakfast show with thousands of Dinosaurs Rock Cool Kids listening in to see if they can win one of our great DRNZ merchandise items featured on our Dinosaur Camps web page.

One of NZ premier companys called Juken New Zealand LTD NZ (Huge Timber Engineers & Mill) have sponsored two Dinosaurs Rock Events in Masterton Town Hall.

We have a DRNZ & JNL advertising campaign over the radio from the 18th to the 29th for the school holidays. Can't wait, I'm looking forward to working the kids into a Dinosaur frenzy! - Oop's I hope the parents don't blame me if they catch Dinosaurs Rock Fever!!!

Best Regards
Darren the Dinosaur Man!

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...Public fascination with dinosaurs...(continued)

(Here is the 4th in a series of blogs,
Mr. Holland's article.)
(Please Note : TV listing may be outdated)

By contrast, if dinosaurs are not a feature of the Millennium Dome then it is presumably because they have long since ceased to be seen as exclusive national property. As with industrialisation and cricket, so with dinosaur studies - a British lead soon melted away. Finds in England had mostly consisted of isolated teeth or bones, but from the 1870s complete skeletons began to be dug up in the Rockies. The lead in palaeontological research passed across the Atlantic, never to return, but it was the revelation of the dinosaurs' sheer scale that really impressed the American public, for many of the skeletons were the size of apartment blocks. Even in prehistoric times, it seemed, things in America had been the biggest and the best.

In fact, the great rush to excavate dinosaurs was a more fitting metaphor for the way their country was developing than most Americans would have cared to admit. Palaeontologists were borne west on the same flood of immigrants that wiped out both the buffalo and the Indian way of life. The greed for spectacular specimens led America's two leading palaeontologists, Professors Cope and Marsh, to pursue the most vicious personal rivalry in the history of science, as their rival gangs stole or smashed up each other's collections of bones. Eventually their struggle to establish a monopoly led to the ruin of both their fortunes; in a parody of his customary ruthless business practice, it was left to that arch-monopolist Andrew Carnegie to step in and take over the funding of the hunt for dinosaur bones. It was size he was interested in, colossal specimens that would match the monstrous scale of his own business interests. The skeleton that dominates the main hall of the London Natural History Museum was a gift from him, and still bears witness to Mammon's appropriation of the dinosaur: its scientific name remains Diplodocus Carnegii.


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is a unique gift that will be remembered forever! 
Fun, exciting, entertaining and educational, 
Dinosaur Themed Events are for kids of all ages.

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